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Manual Website Worth Calculation
  • I understand that a number of factors need to be taken in to consideration to determine the worth / value of a website. These include:
    1. Traffic Patterns such as Alexa Ranking
    2. How Search Engines are Treating the website (Page ranks, Number of Pages Indexed)
    3. Competitive websites
    4. Does the site offer any value? . I have seen pretty worth less sites standing on the first page of Google search results. Cant tell why? I believe that over time Google will adjust its algorithm to deal with these special cases.
    5. Do they have not-so-family-friendly content on their website and are making tons of money with Adsense?? You might not want to purchase a site like that.
    6. Age of the website
    7. Any negative talk associated to the website.
    8. ...
  • Once I finalized my list of factors to consider, I tried a lot to automate the process, but realized that a manual check is what is needed to come up with a reasonably good estimate. So, any one who would like their website value estimated, please send me your website and email address and I will mail you back the value using my formula.
  • YES, there are sites out there that show a value number in an instance. I doubt that those are of any value or use. Problem is quite obvious when you compare a few of these estimates from different sites. You see sigificant amount of difference between these estimates. Why is it like that. Mainly because most of these are random calculations. Does not take important factors in to consideration.
  • Note 1 : If I see people misusing this service, trying to send me spam, I will discontinue this service. So, please use responsibly.
  • Disclaimer 1: How I estimate and the website value I come up with are just my opinion. You agree to not hold me responsible in any manner what soever for any loss that you may incur because of the value estiamtion given to you. Use this service and the estimated value at your own risk. Okay, I think I covered it. With that out of the way...
  • ...
  • Please enter your website name and email address and click on the 'Evaluate My Website' button.
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